"As a Project Coordinator for Septagon Construction Company, I have had the opportunity to work with Barber Stucco on numerous projects over the past several years.  Barber Stucco has been a reliable source of information and project assistance to our effort as a Design/Build General Contractor.  Barber Stucco primarily does dryvit systems for out commercial facilities.  They are always courteous, knowledgeable and reliable.  They always work with our schedule to get the job done on time and within budget.  When Barber Stucco does your project it comes with the knowledge that the job well be done right and there will not be any call backs.  I highly recommend Barber Stucco for you next project."

Adam Garnett
Septagon Construction

"In my work as an Eifs and Stucco inspector, I have seen what moisture behind these products can do, and it usually isn’t pretty. I have yet to find the product itself failing,. It is consistently, bad application, improper flashing, leaking windows, improper or no expansion joints, missing or improperly installed water diverters, and improperly  flashed decks.  It is imperative that the eifs or stucco contractor  follow the manufactures  specifications  in the application of these products.  Having the opportunity to see first hand a lot of Barber Stucco's  work, I feel that I can confidently recommend this company."

Pete High
Eifs Inspector / Moisture analyst